Lengthen Massage Studio
Unraveling life's stresses



  Need to unwind and de-stress?  Do you have annoying aches and pains?  Have you been working out and are feeling the burn?  If so, massage therapy can help!   I will bring my therapeutic expertise to the table and help you get your body back on track.  When you take time for yourself, everything else in our worlds seems to line up--physically, mentally and emotionally.

Imagine how it will feel to be ontop of your game.  Whether you are competing for a sporting event or just running around with the kids.  Imagine sitting at work and no more ache in the neck or upper back.  And what about the headaches?  Imagine life without them.  You are completely intune with your body and your body is speaking back to you stress-free.

Our goal at Lengthen Massage Studio has always been to assist people dealing with muscular pain or physical injury through effective massage therapies. These effective treatments, administered by our expert massage therapist, leave our clients feeling relaxed and renewed. Try us and you'll see the results in no time.